Friday, July 14, 2017


Before you head out to our club's Exclusive Members Only Early-Open Ornament Premiere on July 15, 2017, make sure you have everything you need! Go through this simple checklist:

__ 1. Your In-Kind Donation(s) to Help the Hungry, the Homeless and Families in Transition. Donation Boxes Will be Ready and Waiting at Early-Open Ornament Premiere;
__ 2. Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) Membership Card (required to purchase limited ornaments, the KOC Exclusive Wicked Witch of the West ornament and to get the free A Glistening Gift for You ornament with the purchase of a Keepsake Ornament priced at $9.95 or more);

__ 3. Crown Rewards Card;

__ 4. Hallmark Crown Rewards Certificates;

__ 5. Hallmark Keepsake Stamp Card (buy 10 ornaments & save $10 on purchase of $25 or more);
__ 6. List of Any/All Limited Quantity Ornaments You're Hoping to Get;
__ 7. Copy of Your Wish List (if you have one);
__ 8. Cash/ Checkbook/ Credit Cards and/or Gift Cards.

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