Friday, June 2, 2017


KOC 30th Anniversary Local Club Pin
This year Hallmark is celebrating 30 years of the Keepsake Ornament Club (KOC) and recognizing the support and dedication of KOC members who belong to local clubs! Local clubs received mailings from Hallmark that included surprise KOC 30th Anniversary commemorative penguin pins for eligible local club members whos names and KOC membership numbers were listed on local club rosters that were submitted to the Hallmark KOC in January, 2017. (Another great reason for local club members to ensure they provide KOC membership numbers to their clubs to be included on their local clubs' rosters).  Mahalo nui to the Hallmark KOC & to our Keepsake Ornament Club Friends for these wonderful gifts of appreciation!

The Hawaii Keepsake Collectors Club will be distributing these super-cute pins to eligible Hawaii members during our club's Early-Open Ornament Premiere event meetings at Hallmark Hawaii stores on July 15, 2017.  Check out our 2017 Calendar of Events in the extreme right-hand column of this club blog to see Early-Open Ornament Premiere meeting times for each Hallmark Hawaii store.

~ In 1987 the Keepsake Ornament Club  (KOC) welcomed its first member, while the Hawaii Keepsake Collectors Club welcomed its first member in 2014. 

~ Local clubs cannot use the terms, “Keepsake Ornament" (and/or) "Keepsake Ornaments” in conjunction with their club names or logos because they are trademarked by Hallmark. The name “Keepsake” can only be used if the word “Ornament(s)” does not directly follow, so Hawaii Keepsake Collectors Club is acceptable.  

~ What is a Local Club?
Hallmark says, "Many local clubs were formed out of the desire of our national club members to meet with other collectors in their local communities. They are enthusiastic and spirited consumers who enjoy coming together with others to share and discuss their passion for collecting."
..."Local clubs are made up of all walks of life all tied together by their common interests."
..."Many local clubs reach out to their communities and provide service and donations to local charities. Some local clubs assist their store sponsor during store events to recruit new members and share their knowledge of Keepsake Ornaments."

~ The Hawaii Keepsake Collectors Club has had the honor of being able to do community outreach projects to benefit River of Life Mission, the Ronald McDonald House(s) of Hawaii, HUGS, and the Next Step Shelter.   In 2017 our club's focus is to support local efforts to help the hungry, the homeless, and families and children in transition.   

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